Chris Meihls

Chris mentors his team members with an experience that transitions all aspects of Construction.

Chris Meihls

Chris has a background in construction that includes general contracting, real estate development, and international development and construction responsibilities for a global retailer. Prior to joining The Superior Group in 2016, Chris wasn’t thinking about a job in a specialty trades firm. But, he had worked around the firm and had relationships who insisted the culture would be a perfect fit.

It has been a perfect fit on both sides as Chris joined the team initially in our Special Projects Group and now leads our Project Executive and Project Management teams across the organization assuring project success from kick-off to closeout.

He brings a unique perspective and talent to the team with his Owner and GC experience helping to round out our skill set in all aspects of the industry. Outside of work, Chris enjoys his family and walking his dog.

  • Current position: Senior Vice President, Project Operations
  • Started with The Superior Group: 2016
  • Positions held with our team:
    • Vice President
    • Senior Project Manager
    • Project Manager