Virtual Construction

Our Virtual Construction team provides leading-edge implementation of BIM technology for clients on new construction and existing facility work. Utilizing a variety of software platforms, including Revit, we are able to coordinate and design the electrical and technology systems in a virtual environment to enhance coordination and implementation efficiencies in the field. Our capabilities go beyond coordination and extend into field production as we build from the models with our enhanced construction processes, including Trimble Total Systems. In existing facilities, we provide clients the ability to scan environments and generate point cloud models for upgrades and can complete complex energy modeling for analysis of building upgrades.  It is our defined process and deliverables to the point of installation that truly set our team apart.


Location: Omaha, Nebraska

  • GMP: $13.3M
  • 183,200 ft2
  • 13 Month Schedule

Location: New Albany, Ohio

  • 112,000 ft2
  • Tier IV Critical Standards
  • 8MW Generating Capacity

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

  • GMP: $28.6M
  • 11-Month Construction Schedule

Location: Columbus, Ohio

  • Peak of over 175 electricians
  • Maintenance staff = 4 – 12
  • GMP: $36.7M

Location: Richmond Virginia

  • GMP: $21M
  • 244,000 ft2
  • +1,000,000 ft of wire
  • 13 Month Schedule

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

  • GMP: $17.7M
  • 200,000 ft2
  • 80,000 ft2 raised floor

Location: West Jefferson, Ohio

  • GMP: $11.35M
  • 195,000 ft2
  • 2011 BX Craftsmanship Award

Location: The Ohio State University

  • GMP: $4.6M
  • 23,000 ft2

Location: Columbus, Ohio

  • GMP: $21.5M
  • 409,000 ft2
  • 224 Private Rooms