Bryan Stewart

  • Current position: President
  • Started with The Superior Group: 1999
  • Positions held with our team:
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Project Manager
    • Estimator

Bryan is an engaged principal, committed to empowering our team to serve our customers.

While Bryan grew up in the business of electrical contracting, his path to President has been less traditional.  With degrees in Chemistry and Economics and a Masters in Business Administration, Bryan brings a unique perspective to our team by combining operational experience with sound business acumen.  Bryan has led the firm to tremendous success since being named President in 2007 and looks forward to what we can accomplish together long into the future.  His dedication doesn’t stop there as he is an active member of several private and non-profit boards and committees, and one of his favorite activities is serving as a guest lecturer in business leadership courses.  He also is a national industry leader having served various leadership roles in our national trade association, local industry, and a national peer group of elite firms in the electrical and technology business.

Bryan is a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to creating opportunities for employees and their families.  He is an engaged principal – clients, our people, and the community know him alike.  In talking with Bryan, it will be apparent how important it is to our firm to be a valued member of the industry and held in respect by our clients and our community.

Personally, Bryan’s family means the world to him. He describes his young kids as hilarious, adding that he and his wife love to travel with them and see their reactions to new sights and experiences.  He also enjoys tennis and golf – no matter the score.