May 5, 2020 COVID-19 Update

Team Members:


Late yesterday, The Superior Group was made aware of a positive case of COVID-19 with one of our team members working on the Franklin County Corrections project. The team member was last on site on Saturday, May 2, 2020. After feeling symptoms Saturday night into Sunday, the employee did the right thing and did not report to work on Monday but, instead, informed the team that testing was performed and results were pending. We will continue to stay in touch with our team member and wish the very best for a speedy recovery.


The Superior Group immediately began its COVID-19 response protocols by notifying our customer, by performing cleaning and sanitizing measures on top of our daily enhanced COVID-19 cleaning protocol (and will do so again today), and performing contact tracing interviews. It was determined that our affected team member had only casual contact with one other TSG team member at work during the relevant time period. We are continuing to monitor this individual as well.


Our continued social distancing practices, the use of face coverings, daily health assessments, and hygiene protocols will continue to mitigate the risk and keep each other safe at work.


The customer has determined the site will remain open at this time. We appreciate the efforts of our response team whose hard and fast work continues to mitigate the risks for our team. Please know that our team member will remain offsite until returning to work is safe pursuant to our protocols built from directives from the Ohio Department of Health and guidance from the CDC. As always, you may send any questions or concerns to