March 27, 2020 CEO Update

Dear Team Members,

I want to continue to update everyone on our efforts to keep people and their families safe, keep clients operating, and keep families working during this challenging time.


Supporting Employee Choice

At the beginning of the week, we executed on voluntary furlough protocol for employees who do not want to work at current time based on concern for their own health or their families. We are granting these voluntary furloughs and understand your concerns. If you do not feel safe coming to work, we understand and support our employees. Please stay in touch with us as we will with you.

For those of you working, we appreciate your efforts, and we are working with your help to keep work environments as safe as possible. Together, we are working on critical activities to safely keep our company moving forward and our clients operating. While challenging, we will work through this together and be better on the other end of this pandemic.


COVID19 Testing & Site Reporting

For the current week, we are aware of two people on New Albany, Ohio Data Center sites who received tests for the virus. The tests results are not yet complete. One individual is an employee of The Superior Group, and one is not. In each case, we are following protocols out of caution to identify close contacts and establish quarantines as well as cleaning areas of sites as required.


Enhanced Protocols

This situation evolves each day, and we are working hard to continue to enhance protocols and keep people safe. You have seen and will see further clarity on our Employee Attestation Forms. The purpose of this form is to allow people to understand their exposures and to keep people on site safe by having each employee evaluate their ability to join the site that day. We also are implementing temperature monitoring in concert with our clients. As supplies are difficult to procure, we continue to ask that you self-monitor your temperature each day as well.

Along with our clients, we are all implementing new cleaning standards and working to have products on site. In addition to this, we have reassigned some team members in our fabrication shop to design and build our own mobile handwashing station prototypes for use in a variety of applications. The first prototype is functional, and we hope to begin deployment where it would be beneficial to sites next week.


Working Together

It is incredibly important in this challenging time that we work together. Together, we can overcome this virus as a company and as society. We must be a team. We will continue to do our best to support you and also need your help. We want ideas on how to continue to improve safety with respect to this issue, and we need your help to continue to implement social distancing on sites and outside of work. We recently sent our Q&A answers out for our first rounds of questions and continue to encourage team members to ask questions and submit ideas. We are supporting you, your choices, and want to work together toward a positive outcome in the midst of the uncertainty. I appreciate the commitment of everyone on the team and feel very fortunate to be a part of this group.