March 22, 2020 CEO Update

Dear Team Members,


The coronavirus crisis has been difficult for us all, and there will be more challenges that we tackle together as we work through the pandemic. We want to be here for our team to help provide guidance, confidence, and comfort during these times.


I want to continue to provide transparency and information to all of our employees and their families. It’s important to me that you know what we’re doing to remain operational and best protect our people. We’re enhancing cleaning and disinfection protocols on our sites and will work this week to further our protocols with even more safeguards. We’ve been working to obtain additional protection for all of our work locations. We have and will continue to evaluate density of our teams on sites, in meetings, and in other work areas. We’ve implemented travel restrictions and continue to follow and monitor federal, state, local, and CDC guidance in an effort to continue to safeguard against this virus.


This weekend, we learned of the first positive case of COVID-19 on a jobsite. While the individual wasn’t our employee, I want everyone to understand how we and our client handled the situation:


1. The jobsite is temporarily closed for extensive cleaning and disinfection.
2. We obtained guidance from our client as to members of our team who this individual interacted with while on the jobsite.
3. We’ve notified those team members and they’ve been asked to self-quarantine.
4. We sent notification to all employees on the jobsite about the temporary closure as well as provided detailed information to leadership to share with everyone who worked there.


This will more than likely not be the last time we work through a scenario with a positive COVID-19 case, and it is critical that we all become familiar with safety protocol to identify risks and act as quickly as possible to reduce them.


As most of you have already learned, the Ohio Department of Health has issued a statewide Stay at Home Order limiting business activity to those operations that are considered Essential Businesses and Operations. This Order is in effect from 11:59 PM on March 23 until 11:59 PM on April 6. Per the Order, The Superior Group’s operations are considered essential as part of our local and national infrastructure. Our skilled tradespersons have been deemed critical to the continuity of our society. They are counting on us.


I know there are questions regarding why companies continue operations during this crisis. I can give you my personal answer as to why we operate. We provide critical services to clients who are of the utmost importance to local, national, and international communities including technology firms and healthcare. We provide critical jobs in the community that families need. The Order specifically encourages essential businesses, like ours, to remain open. We are moving forward with our operations to help our community in this time of crisis while rigorously following our protocols to keep our team and others safe.


With that being said, I also want everyone on the team to understand that our organization empathizes with those of you who are concerned and elect not to come to work. If you are concerned for your health and your family’s, we understand. We also appreciate our team members who can and do want to continue our important work for the benefit of our families, communities, and customers. The infrastructure we provide and maintain is critical. Ultimately, we support the organizations that make the critical care, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, and technology that will help us all treat the people affected and ultimately defeat this invisible enemy.


I appreciate every single one of you. Please know that we are working hard to manage through these enormous challenges to the best of our ability at all hours of every day. Together, we will ultimately overcome this pandemic and emerge stronger on the other side. There will be many challenges along the way, and I promise I’ll do my best to support you through all of them.