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Sorry but in my world a person who willingly and falsely denies owing a debt to a close family member is somewhat shitty.I have a family member that keeps fluctuating between flawed and shitty every now and then he pretends to believe that he paid his debt to me, even though he still owes over four grand and the last check he gave me at least five years ago bounced.What really pisses me off is that I loaned him a large sum of money while I was still paying off my student loans and couldn afford many nice things, because he presented it as a major life emergency to my mom and she was super worried about him.I told her a couple years ago that I pretty much gave up on ever seeing the rest of that money, but because of the way he is handling this, I won lift a finger even if he and his family were being thrown out on the street in the middle of s winter night. If he had shown even a shred of consciousness and regret, I just forget about the whole thing. There women who take unwanted behavior from creeps just cuz they afraid of repercussions from confronting them.

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